Visiting Darry

Willowtrail Winter DareMost of the ponies I breed and sell end up a long way from home, so I depend on their owners to stay in touch to let me know how they are doing.  When a business errand took us within an hour of one of my ponies, then, I recognized an opportunity and seized it.  I extended our trip to go see Willowtrail Winter Dare and his owner Jana in person.

Darry went home with Jana when he was five and a half months old.  He was a cross of two parents I hadn’t bred to each other before, so I didn’t have any history with which to anticipate how he would turn out.  When he was born, I was pleased with the cross, and since Darry went home with Jana I’ve been curious to see how he’d matured.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Darry is a credit to both his parents.

I asked Jana if she was enjoying Darry.  She said yes and that he was different from her other horses.  When I asked how, she said he was a quick learner, then went on to describe some of the things they’d done together, including going to a show.  Jana was surprised how confident he is; he traveled to the show alone, loading into and out of the trailer easily, and didn’t seem at all distracted by or interested in the other equines.  Darry turns one year old in a few weeks, so it’s clear Darry and Jana have the potential to go far together.  As Darry’s breeder I couldn’t ask for anything more.

It’s always interesting for me to see which of their parents the ponies I breed most take after.  Darry and his half brother Willowtrail Mountain Prince have confirmed for me that stallions often dictate height.  These boys also confirm that stallions greatly influence temperament; visiting with Darry easily brought to mind his father Willowtrail Black Robin; Prince does the same each morning during chores.  It’s so important that we like our stallions, then, because of what they contribute to their foals.

After I returned from our long trip, as I put out hay after dark to the ponies that are here, I was able to tell Darry’s mother what a good job she’d done with her son.  It was nice to have had the chance to gather that information firsthand and be able to offer my appreciation with conviction.

Willowtrail Mountain Prince is for sale.  For more information, click here.

© Jenifer Morrisey, 2013

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