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An Epidemic of Mild Colic

I received a note from a colleague recently saying her area had been hit with an epidemic of mild recurrent colics.  Two of her four equines had had trouble (notably her pony and donkey had not).  Unfortunately I could sympathize … Continue reading

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June’s Bequest

When Restar Lucky foaled in May 2013, Joe Langcake described her new colt as “better than I ever expected”, “good in every way,” and “best head on a foal I’ve seen.”  Joe was “thrilled to pieces” with what his favorite … Continue reading

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Lucky Twice Over

Restar Lucky is a 1992 black Fell Pony mare.  She is the dam of my new stud colt Restar Lucky Joe.  I learned last year after Lucky Joe was born that his mother is lucky twice over.  Not only does … Continue reading

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The Blessing of a Photographic Eye

In 2012 I had the great good fortune to see some photographs taken by Craig Humble.  The subjects were diverse – from barges to farm tractors to sheep dogs.  It didn’t seem to matter what Craig pointed his camera at … Continue reading

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In 2006 when my stallion Guards Apollo’s first foal was born, my mentor and I began thinking about a stallion to follow Apollo.  Joe Langcake and I had just met the year before, but we had already developed a great … Continue reading

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Taking Time to Smell the Roses

I’ve always enjoyed walking through rose gardens, primarily because I learned early in life in my grandmother’s rose garden and then my mother’s that every rose has a unique fragrance.  For some reason I still remember my favorite:  Sterling Silver.  … Continue reading

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Why So Few Fell-Crosses?

My first pony was a Shetland-Welsh cross.  From where I sit, the most common cross to a British Native breed is to a Welsh, with a distant second going to the Connemara and then distant again going to the New … Continue reading

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