Lucky Twice Over

Restar Lucky with her filly foal Restar Lucky Vicky in 2007.  Photo couresty Restar Fell Pony Stud

Restar Lucky with her filly foal Restar Lucky Vicky in 2007. Photo couresty Restar Fell Pony Stud

Restar Lucky is a 1992 black Fell Pony mare.  She is the dam of my new stud colt Restar Lucky Joe.  I learned last year after Lucky Joe was born that his mother is lucky twice over.  Not only does luck dominate her name, but luck was also with her at her birth.

Lucky’s mother was Heltondale Lucky IV.  Until the very end of her life mother Lucky had never been haltered.  When she left the fell at Heltondale to join the Restar stud, she was herded into a horse trailer and then released into a pasture at the other end of the journey.   Mother Lucky remained wary of humans for most of her life.

Restar Lucky was her mother’s first foal at the Restar stud.  Joe Langcake was keeping a regular watch on mother Lucky, and one day when he was checking her at pasture, he noted that she was lying down and apparently giving birth.  He knew she was likely to get up and leave if he approached, so he watched at a distance until he noticed that she was straining.  Only one of the foal’s feet was visible; the foal was mal-presented with the other foot back.

Joe knelt down onto the ground and slowly crept toward mother Lucky.  She apparently knew she needed help because she didn’t get up and leave.  Joe was able to push the visible foot back in then reach inside and bend the other foot forward.  Soon thereafter Restar Lucky was born, and mother Lucky got up and led her away.  Baby Lucky, though, now the matriarch of the Restar herd, has always been a friendly pony and especially likes Joe.  Perhaps it’s because she knows she was lucky he was there when she was born, making her lucky twice over.

Of course, I feel lucky twice over, too.  First that Lucky survived her birth and second that she gave birth herself to Restar Lucky Joe.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

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