June’s Bequest

Restar Lucky Joe in June 2013 courtesy Restar Fell Pony Stud

Restar Lucky Joe in June 2013 courtesy Restar Fell Pony Stud

When Restar Lucky foaled in May 2013, Joe Langcake described her new colt as “better than I ever expected”, “good in every way,” and “best head on a foal I’ve seen.”  Joe was “thrilled to pieces” with what his favorite mare had produced.  He had told her he wanted a good one, and she had done as bidden.  “I think Lucky is thrilled with him herself!”

Restar Lucky has always been Joe’s favorite mare, and he thought she was his.  Joe’s wife June had picked out Townend Mountain Gypsy IV from Eddie Wilson’s herd as a foal and claimed her as her own throughout Gypsy’s long life.  June very kindly let Gypsy’s daughter Shelley come to Willowtrail Farm in 2006, waiting until 2008 to retain her own Gypsy daughter, Jemma.  After Gypsy passed away in 2012, though, June’s affection didn’t pass to Jemma.  She claimed Lucky instead.  Joe, of course, was more than willing to share his mare with his wife of over sixty years.

After Lucky foaled last year, Joe took June to see the colt.  When June saw him, she immediately said, “That’s got to go to Jenifer.”  Joe had picked out a name for the colt, but June overrode him.  “Restar Lucky Joe is his name,” she said.

Restar Lucky Joe is a once-in-a-lifetime colt for me in so many ways.  One of those ways is that June bequeathed him to me.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience because June passed away after a long illness when Lucky Joe was barely three weeks old.  “I’m glad he’s going to Jenifer’s because he’ll be looked after there,” she said shortly before she died.

The first pictures I saw of Restar Lucky Joe were taken in June shortly after June died.  Somehow it seems fitting that this pony that June bequeathed to me should first become visible to me in the month that shared her name.  For the rest of Lucky Joe’s life, I will cherish the blessing that June bestowed on me by letting Lucky Joe come to Willowtrail Farm.

The book My Name is Madie is dedicated to June Langcake (click here for more information).

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