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Restar Lucky Joe

Restar Lucky Joe finally arrived at Willowtrail Farm at 3am this past Sunday, completing a process that began when he was born nine months ago.  He left the Restar stud on January 9, so he was on the road 55 … Continue reading

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Mild Recurrent Colic 3

It’s clear I’m not the only one dealing with mild recurrent colic as Equus magazine just ran their second article in as many issues on the topic.  The article in the February 2014 issue described a gelding who had the … Continue reading

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Mild Recurrent Colic 2

Because one of my ponies suffers from mild recurrent colic and because three different veterinarians have been unable to find anything wrong, I’m always on the lookout for an explanation for this frustrating repeating problem.  An article in the January … Continue reading

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The Pineapple Express Finally Hits

For several days we’ve been seeing forecasts for significant snow fall from the Pineapple Express, a weather system beginning near Hawaii out in the Pacific.  We’ve only received an inch or two a day versus the three to five inches … Continue reading

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What Do Unclaimed Stallion Service Slips Mean?

In the Fell Pony breed, a stallion service slip is submitted by stallion owners to the Fell Pony Society in the year when a mare is covered.  Then a copy of that stallion service slip is supposed to accompany the … Continue reading

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