The Pineapple Express Finally Hits

Lunesdale Silver BelleFor several days we’ve been seeing forecasts for significant snow fall from the Pineapple Express, a weather system beginning near Hawaii out in the Pacific.  We’ve only received an inch or two a day versus the three to five inches and more that were predicted and that other parts of Colorado have received.  My husband remembers dealing with five feet of snow over a three week period when the Pineapple Express was active several years before my arrival.

My hometown of Portland, Oregon is doing a Rocky Mountain imitation with significant snow fall.  My sister has been sharing pictures of her backyard and expressing appreciation that the Olympics are on TV since for safety’s sake she’s housebound.  My brother and sister-in-law are getting grief from friends for escaping to a warmer location before the Express hit.

Bowthorne MattyWhile we haven’t received much snow, we have experienced other features of the Pineapple Express, such as higher humidity, high winds, and higher temperatures.  We’re fifteen degrees warmer on average than we were last week.  If these temperatures hold, they’ll be much better for welcoming my new pony when he arrives.

This afternoon the full force of the Pineapple Express finally hit.  We received six inches of snow in about four hours.  It’s very wet and heavy snow, soaking into the ponies’ coats more than the fluff that’s normal for this time of year.  The warmer temperatures are a mixed blessing, as the snow is more inclined to melt when it hits a warm pony, but it also means the ponies are not as cold as they would be otherwise.  All the ponies have sheds but most of them seem to prefer being out in the weather where as much as an inch of snow accumulates on their backs.

Mya the Wonder PonyBased on what my sister has experienced, it’s likely we’ll see another four to six inches before the Express passes.  Since we live in the headwaters of an important river system, we don’t complain about snow this time of year, though my husband is starting to wonder where he’s going to put all of it that he’s plowing.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep throwing hay to the ponies and making sure that when they yell at me, it’s about something I can’t do anything about, like the weather!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

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