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Illuminating Stories about Fell Pony Movement – 2

The other day I haltered one of my Fell Ponies and led her to the fence to tie her. As usual she out-walked me. Sleddale Rose Beauty is 27 this year, and since the first day I met her, her … Continue reading

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Another One Passes the Test

I don’t intentionally conduct this test with my ponies.  Yet as I’ve worked on What an Honor, the sequel to A Humbling Experience, I’ve added three different chapters describing other ponies in my herd that have passed the test, so … Continue reading

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A Larger-Than-Life Pit Pony Tribute

I just found out about the most wonderful tribute to pit ponies.  Of course I am terribly biased because it marries so many things that I love:  landscapes, ponies, working equines, and creative reuse of waste materials. Sultan the Pit … Continue reading

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