A Larger-Than-Life Pit Pony Tribute

Retired Pit Ponies and horse courtesy National Coal Mining MuseumI just found out about the most wonderful tribute to pit ponies.  Of course I am terribly biased because it marries so many things that I love:  landscapes, ponies, working equines, and creative reuse of waste materials.

Sultan the Pit Pony is a landform sculpture in Wales.  At 650 feet long and nearly 20 feet high, it is one of the largest earth sculptures in Europe and was completed more than a decade ago by Mick Petts.  The name Sultan was given to the sculpture by locals in honor of a favorite local pit pony by the same name.  The sculpture was built from the refuse piles of a coal mine and has sufficiently greened up recently to enable it to be easily distinguished from the surroundings.  In addition to the outline of the galloping pony, the sculpture includes hoofprints nearby that are sometimes filled with water.

One of the other tributes to pit ponies that I appreciated was an adoption program that the National Coal Mining Museum (NCMM) ran when they were caring for the last surviving pit ponies.  I was pleased to be able to take part until the ponies passed away.  The picture you see here is courtesy the NCMM.

To see a satellite view of Sultan, click here.  To take a ground level tour, click here then click on one of the pictures.

I am grateful to fellow working pony enthusiast and researcher Eddie McDonough for bringing this wonderful tribute to pit ponies to my attention.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014


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