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April Fools

This year I have learned that the foolish part of April applies as easily to the weather as it does to human antics.  And the foolishness manifests the whole month, not just on day one.  We can have a stretch … Continue reading

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Another Storm, Another Foal

When Willowtrail Mountain Storm was born two weeks ago, it was after a run of nice spring weather which ended and it turned back to winter.  A number of warm days had dried out the mud in several places, and … Continue reading

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A Fully Mature Stallion

I realized the other day that for the first time I have a fully mature Fell Pony stallion.  It’s very fun.  I’ve had Fell Pony stallions since 2002, of course, when I first got involved with the breed.  I sold … Continue reading

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A Different Hand-Off

When ponies leave Willowtrail Farm for new homes, they typically go in one of two ways.  Most often we deliver them to a transport truck to go off to an owner that neither they nor I have ever met in … Continue reading

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A Miniature Clydesdale?

I have heard Fell Ponies called miniatures of many things, but I admit that when I heard the other day that they are miniature Clydesdales, it was a first.  The Fell Pony Society, of course, is correct in adamantly asserting … Continue reading

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The Royal Mail’s Working Horses Stamps

I’ve just received as a gift the Royal Mail’s Working Horses Commemorative Stamp Set.  That Fell Ponies are mentioned is of course a bonus! There are six stamps in the set, one each representing The King’s Troup Ceremonial Horses, Royal … Continue reading

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Lazy or Spunky?

A new Fell Pony enthusiast asked whether the breed is lazy or spunky.  The inquirer’s most recent equine experience has been with off-the-track Thoroughbreds, so it seemed important to answer carefully.  I replied that in my experience, Fells are generally … Continue reading

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