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Storm Helping

The ponies are quietly eating their breakfast as I enter their pen.  I step around them with my scoop shovel and begin collecting the manure from the night before.  It’s satisfying work, accomplished to the calming sound of hay being … Continue reading

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The Vexing Problem of Parasite Control

It seems like every week a new piece of information crosses my desk that makes the topic of parasite control in equines more vexing.  The top of the list of frustrating facts is of course resistance.  Most of the common … Continue reading

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The Scent of Coffee

I returned home from being gone for several hours, and I headed toward Lunesdale Silver Belle’s paddock to throw her some hay.  She met me at the fence as usual, and I blew into the nostrils she offered me in … Continue reading

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It happens every year about this time.  One day I’m complaining about snow, and the next it’s flying insects that have my attention.  The transition from early to late spring here can be amazingly abrupt.  Since I’ve received more than … Continue reading

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Cape Cart

I first learned about Cape Carts when I was told that a Fell and a Fell cross had pulled one on a television show in England.  So when last week’s Driving Radio Show featured a story about a Cape Cart, I … Continue reading

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Mild Recurrent Colic 4

A hearty nicker.  A brisk striding towards me.  A vigorous head toss.  A look from a very bright eye.  An energetic pawing of the ground.  These are all signs of good news from my colic-prone pony.  Between previous incidents of … Continue reading

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No Foal This Time

The snow storm earlier this week apparently made the national news because I’ve received a few emails asking if I had another foal.  The coincidence of a winter storm and a nearly full moon harkened back to my latest reliable … Continue reading

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