A Chip Off the Old Block

Shelley and StormWhen I showed this picture of Restar Mountain Shelley III and her foal Willowtrail Mountain Storm to Shelley’s breeder, he got a good laugh.  “He looks just like she did with her mum at that age,” he said.  When I described how Shelley disciplines Storm when he gets too forward, Joe Langcake said, “That’s just what her mum would do to her.”

Joe and I talked some more about Shelley and Storm, and it became clear that Shelley is a chip off the old block.  She learned her lessons well from her mother Townend Mountain Gypsy IV.  I’m thankful for both Shelley and Gypsy for being such great mares.

The other day I had another reason to see how Shelley is a chip off the old block.  In “It’s Marvelous, Really,” I recounted a story that Joe told me about Gypsy running off and then returning without being fetched.  I had ridden Shelley down the driveway to put she and Storm out to graze.  I thought the gate across the driveway was closed, but just as I released Shelley, I glanced in the direction of the gate and saw that it was indeed open.  Shelley saw it, too, and immediately headed for new territory to assess opportunities for green grazing.  I was pretty certain Shelley would come back, and after a few minutes I did hear that reassuring clop-clop of she and Storm cantering my direction.

Restar Mountain Jemma & Restar Mountain Storm courtesy Kathleen Charters

Restar Mountain Jemma & Restar Mountain Storm courtesy Kathleen Charters

While I named Storm in part because of the weather on the day of his birth, there was another reason for the name, also connected to Gypsy.  Shelley has a full sister named Restar Mountain Jemma.  In 2011, Jemma had a very nice colt foal who was named Restar Mountain Storm.  I thought it would be nice to name my Storm to remember his cousin who died in an accident when a year old.

Rarely do Joe Langcake and I have a conversation about ponies that Gypsy doesn’t come up.  Gypsy is gone now, so I appreciate the legacy she left behind in Shelley and that I can share her antics with Joe.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

If you’d like to learn more about Townend Mountain Gypsy IV, you can read about her in the book My Name is Madie, which is available internationally.  Click here for more information.


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