Is It Horsemanship or Is It Minerals?

Willowtrail Farm Fell PoniesI take for granted, now, that my ponies come to me when they see me.  It wasn’t that way at the beginning of my pony career.  In my studies of natural horsemanship, the “Catch Me” game was an all-too-familiar one, especially where green grass was an alternative to being haltered and moved to a dry lot.  After more than a dozen years with ponies, I’m happy to be able to say that the “Catch Me” game is one I only rarely play as I used to.

I’ve assumed that my improved horsemanship skills are the reason that the “Catch Me” game has different meaning now than it used to.  A recent story from a client suggested, though, that there may also be other factors at work.

My client cares for two horses, her own and her sister’s.  She has a strong bond with her own horse, but her sister’s horse is another matter.  She has never felt any interest from that horse in interacting or cooperating beyond grudging acceptance with her agenda.  A management change, though, has had unforeseen benefits.  She began providing the free choice minerals that I use, and her horses voraciously consumed them for the first week.  This sort of consumption is normal as the equines balance out their body chemistry.  About a week after introducing the minerals, my client appeared as usual to see the horses, and her sister’s horse stunned her.  He approached her with interest in interacting!  The change was so dramatic that she attributed it to the minerals and the horse now feeling healthier.

Do my ponies come to me because of horsemanship or because of minerals?  It’s likely, of course, that it’s some combination of each.  The question, perhaps, should be “why would we do things any other way?”

For more information on the minerals that my ponies have benefited from for more than a decade, you can contact me by clicking here.

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