Ranger and Timmy’s First Snow

Willowtrail Mountain RangerWhether I like it or not, it’s that time of year when we start to get snow.  When I have foals, one of my first thoughts is which pony hasn’t seen snow before.  Willowtrail Mountain Storm and Storm Princess were born during snowstorms, hence their names.  But for Willowtrail Mountain Ranger and Timothy, last night’s white stuff was a first for them.

I had to be gone for work during the afternoon.  When I left, it was a nice fall day, though somewhat overcast.  Timmy and his dam were out grazing as usual.  About 3pm, a front blew in with heavy rain, and over the course of the next hour the rain gradually turned to big white flakes.  We were working inside a house with a metal roof, and the change in sound during the transition to snow was notable:  rain was very audible but when it made the change to all snow, it was quiet.  I kept looking out the window to see if it was still precipitating (it was), and if it was sticking (it was).

When I returned home, it was still snowing, and Timmy and his mother were in their shed, though completely soaked.  Apparently they had only come in when the snow got heavy.  Timmy looked a little bewildered!  He has a heavy coat and plenty of cover, so I knew he’d be fine.  In fact, I’m not really surprised that we have an inch of snow this morning because of the coats the ponies have been putting on.

Willowtrail Timothy and Mya the Wonder PonyIn contrast to Timmy, Ranger seemed completely unfazed by the snow.  He’s such a mellow, uncomplicated guy, always ready to say hello, seemingly with a smile on his face.  Perhaps it’s because he was born in spring, even though he missed the snow, that Ranger was less bothered by our seasonal transition than Timmy.  This morning, though, Timmy was more than willing to go out into the white with his mom to find tendrils of green hidden beneath their cold cover.  Bless these tough ponies!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

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