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Pondering Bonds with Ponies 2

How does one achieve a deep and fulfilling bond with a pony?  What are the necessary ingredients?  I don’t consider these questions particularly easy to answer.  After having more than two dozen ponies pass through my life, though, I have … Continue reading

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The Galloway as a Hobby Horse

The relationship between the Fell Pony and the Scottish Galloway has never been clear to me.  I have read that they are one and the same, with Fells often called ‘galloways’ by older breeders.  I have also heard that they … Continue reading

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A Woods Loop Surprise

An unseasonably beautiful fall day called for something special, and of course it had to be pony-related.  I was past the stress of shipping two weanlings off to new owners, and I had a few minutes after a big project … Continue reading

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Hoofbeats After Dark

I had brought in the electric fence battery for charging.  It was the first time I’d turned the fence off since installing the two current residents in that paddock.  So when I went outside for last feeding and heard hoofbeats … Continue reading

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Storm and Princess Made My Day

The day started early.  Willowtrail Mountain Storm had to be in town for appointments prior to his trip to his new home.  Since it was to be Storm’s longest trip in the trailer and his first off the farm, I … Continue reading

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