Feeding at Five

Willowtrail Farm Fell PoniesThe moon was to be my consolation
For going out before the day had dawned.
I usually want the sun fully up
Before I first experience a pony bond.

But the temperature was enough below zero
That my hooved friends deserved some hay,
So I bundled up instead of snuggling deep
To begin a cold mountain day.


I had hoped bright moonlight would guide me
From house to paddock to road.
Instead it seemed just a dull pinpoint
High overhead in the hazy cold.

When I appeared at the door fully bundled,
The dogs were excited to be going outdoors.
To keep warm they played together constantly
Rarely standing still on all fours.

The ponies were happy to see me too,
If not a little surprised at the hour.
And I was surprised that the extreme weather
Hadn’t caused their moods to sour.

The night before I had put out portions,
Knowing it would be early and cold.
I’m usually not fully awake at five am;
My thoughts are significantly slowed.

So I found it extremely helpful
That all I had to do was walk
And say hello and then throw hay
And count heads to quickly take stock.

After everyone was happily munching
And I was headed back to go indoors,
My eyelashes were frosted from my exhales;
I was happy to be done with chores.

Normally November doesn’t hand us
This type of extreme cold so soon.
I’m grateful that at least I was able to go out
With some help from the light of the moon.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

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