A Smile Thanks to Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe at the re-electrified gate

Lucky Joe at the re-electrified gate with Torrin in the background

Last night when I fed for the last time, my stud colt Restar Lucky Joe met me at the gate as usual, but he was leaning on it.  I had detached the battery of the electric fence for recharging, and apparently Lucky Joe had discovered that fact.  So this morning when the dogs started barking, I wasn’t surprised when my husband announced that Torrin, Lucky Joe’s paddock-mate, had presented himself at the house wondering where his breakfast was.

Torrin, being a gelding, had food as his focus.  Lucky Joe, though, wasn’t immediately in view.  Before long, snorts and squeals indicated that he was communing with the herd over a fence.  I collected the battery and Torrin and we headed down the driveway to assess the fence situation and get at least one pony back where they were supposed to be.

I got the fence repaired and electrified then I gave Torrin some hay.  I picked up Lucky Joe’s halter and headed back to the driveway to go fetch Lucky Joe.  When I looked up the driveway, though, a surprise presented itself.  Lucky Joe was trotting down the driveway toward me.  Either he wanted to make my job easier or more likely he wanted to be reunited with his herd-mate Torrin who had been calling to him.  Regardless, his approach brought a smile to my face.  Thank you, Lucky Joe!

(c) Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

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