Thankful 2014

Willowtrail Fell Ponies at Sunset on ThanksgivingThis poem marks number nine
In the collection that I’ve written,
Giving thanks for the ponies in my life
With whom I’ve become quite smitten.

For my ponies I remain thankful,
But this year people come to mind.
Ponies have introduced into my life
So many folks that are so kind.

I’m thankful for one like-minded man
Who just sent me his new pony book.
And he surprised me with a second volume
At which I’d long wanted to take a look.

I am thankful for my husband
Who shares in pony chores.
Moving hay and hauling water
And other things outdoors.

I’m thankful for my neighbors
Who are generous with their green grass.
And for the ones who eagerly venture here
When with chores I must take a pass.

I am thankful for my mentor
Who is also a good dear friend.
His lifetime of living amongst equines
Informs advice that he does lend.

I am thankful for my researcher friend
Who regularly shares of pony lore.
My friend with her pony cousin
And the socks she knits, I’m thankful for.

Each morning when I awaken
Another friend’s gift on the wall appears.
A tea towel featuring ponies
Is the first thing I see when my mind clears.

Another friend collaborates
On working equine educational pieces,
From which I’ve met many people
And from whom inspiration never ceases.

People who have bought my ponies:
I am thankful for their trade.
But more for opening up their hearts
And the home for their pony they’ve made.

People who appreciate what I write
On pony-related themes
Also have my gratitude
As I explore tactics as well as dreams.

The Fell Pony Society gets a thank you
Of course for stewarding a wonderful breed.
But also for choosing a calendar photo
Of a favorite Willowtrail Fell steed.

And there are stewards whom I haven’t met
With whom I hope to someday become acquainted.
Others I’ve met only by phone or letter,
Means some now consider antiquated!

My wonderful life with ponies
Does have its ups and downs.
While mostly life hands smiles to me,
Occasionally I end up with frowns.

“We don’t have any problems,” though,
Is here a common household refrain.
It doesn’t take much effort
To hear about others who feel more pain.

The plight of veterans injured on my behalf
Or of children homeless through no fault of their own
Are reminders that my life is pretty blessed
And I have absolutely no reason to moan.

There are so many other people
Who enrich my daily life.
Often just a note or comment
Is enough to make joy from strife.

I am thankful to those who tell their stories
And to those who enthuse about ponies like me.
I am thankful for their kindness and their inspiration
Making richer my pony journey.

(c) Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

About workponies

Breeder of Fell Ponies, teamster of work ponies, and author of Feather Notes, Fell Pony News, and A Humbling Experience: My First Few Years with Fell Ponies. Distributor of Dynamite Specialty Products for the health of our planet and the beings I share it with.
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