An Unlikely Meeting Place

Fell Pony StallionMy mentor took me to see the stallion in this photograph in this field in Cumbria in 2005.  Apparently Joe Langcake had a quite different experience in that same field a few years before.  He and his wife June had been out driving and heard that an acquaintance was due to visit the area.  Joe and June modified their driving route since they knew where the acquaintance was likely to be at about that time.

Members of the Royal Family understandably enjoy visits to the Lake District, one of the landscape crown jewels of England.  Over the Langcake’s years of involvement with Fell Ponies and farming in Cumbria, they had become acquainted with a few members of the Royal Family, and it was a member of the Royal Family that they learned was due to be in the area on that particular day.  Since they knew from previous encounters how that particular member of the Royal Family preferred to travel, they had modified their driving route to take them to this field.  As they expected, they arrived to see a helicopter touching down and their royal acquaintance alighting.

When Joe and June took me to this field in 2005, Joe didn’t tell me this story.  “I didn’t know you well enough then.  We were just getting acquainted,” he told me recently.  Indeed, there was a lot I didn’t know very well that day besides the Langcakes.  When I met this stallion, for instance, I had no idea that I would be spending a lot of time with one of his offspring in the years to come.

I’m just glad I at least had the sense to take this photograph to mark the place.   Now I can appreciate it as an unlikely meeting place even more!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2014

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