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Feeling Thankful About Colic

Two articles in the January 2015 issue of Equus magazine have me feeling thankful about colic.  The first article summarized research about broodmares who had ‘twisted guts.’  The prognosis for survival decreased dramatically the longer before treatment began.  “Mares who … Continue reading

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Lovin’ Lucky Joe

Keeping a stallion is a lot of work, and some make it easier than others.  I’ve heard of Fell Pony stallions that have bit their handlers in an aggressive act, and I’ve personally seen one threaten.  On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Ponies and Bucket Lists

On the February page of the Carriage Driving Calendar from Mischka Press is a Welsh Cob navigating an obstacle at the 2013 Vineyard Classic in Woodland, California with grapevines in the background.  It is a very happy image for me … Continue reading

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Dominance is Not Leadership

Willowtrail Mountain Honey is the youngest pony in a herd of five mares.  She doesn’t hang out with her mother, which is a little surprising to me because her older sister and mother were fast friends.  And she doesn’t hang … Continue reading

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Pony Sense for Business

Did you create a New Year’s Resolution regarding your equine-related business?  It occurs to me that our pony friends have some relevant advice: Be multi-talented. Many of our pony breeds have been developed to be versatile.  In some cases, for … Continue reading

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