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The Memories Came Flooding Back

The memories came flooding back.  The worry about a life on the line, the anxiety about whether the vet’s approach would work, the frustration that all had not gone as it usually did, the appreciation for the vet’s consultation, the … Continue reading

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An Overlap of Three

I love it when different interests that I have overlap.  When it happens, I feel like marking the occasion in some way.  That’s why there’s a chapter in my most recent book What an Honor entitled, “Where Food and Fells … Continue reading

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Perspicacious is One Approach

It’s not very often, in the publications that I read, that I stumble when I read a word.  But I admit that I stumbled when I came upon ‘perspicacious.’  It was in a sentence about the history of the Thoroughbred.  … Continue reading

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That Good Blue Horn

The forecast was for snow all day and then temperatures were supposed to plummet.  Willowtrail Wild Rose was due to have her hooves trimmed, and the job required precise timing.  Not too wet (no precipitation that would soak my tools), … Continue reading

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Then and Now

In 1902, my great great grandparents took a horse-drawn journey from Ashland, Oregon to Long Beach California.  The trip was over 700 miles and took nearly five weeks.  Along the way, Dan and Kate Glenn easily found hay, feed, water, … Continue reading

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