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Mental Maturity in Fell Ponies

Bowthorne Matty, my nine-year-old Fell Pony mare, is greeting me at the fence every chance she gets.  I don’t remember her ever doing this before.  This winter I rode her short distances across paddocks for the first time, and she … Continue reading

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Things to Do With Three-Year-Olds

I have found that three-year-old Fell Ponies are more interested in doing things than two year olds.  And while some people start lightly riding their three-year-olds, I think it’s best to wait until at least four years old to commence … Continue reading

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Male Companionship

My Norwegian Fjord gelding Torrin has spent the vast majority of his fifteen years with me in the company of mares.  That’s in part because I prefer mares and in part because as a breeder I have mares and stallions … Continue reading

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Madie Comes Home

It’s almost like a fairy tale.  The favorite daughter goes off into the big world, leaving her family behind in tears.  A book is written to honor the many ways she touched their lives in the short time she lived … Continue reading

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More on Fell Pony Temperament

I often get questions about Fell Pony temperament.  The easiest ones to answer are when they are about a particular pony I know well.  Often, though, they are about the Fell Pony breed generally.  I of course always start with … Continue reading

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Help with an Important Chore

The weather was warm but due to go below freezing again.  The ponies had drunk the water low enough that it was time for that all-important chore of scrubbing the stock tank.  Heating the water all winter inevitably makes for … Continue reading

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