Words from My Husband

Don Ewy and Sleddale Rose Beauty in 2011My husband asked that I post these words from him here:

“Thursday we left with Beauty which was going to be a very difficult day.  As we went down the driveway and all the ponies called to her and she called back, they all knew as she did that something very different was about to happen.  Usually this time of year, Jen loads three ponies in the trailer for intermittent times at pasture so they get used to green.  This time there was only one.

“What made the day easier on me was the courage and dignity it took for Jenifer to say good bye to Beauty.  And Beauty with her courage and dignity made it very easy on us.  I’ve learned so much from ponies.  I hope when it is my time, I know it, and I can learn from the dignity and courage that the two girls I love showed.”

© Don Ewy, 2015


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