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An End-of-Life Lesson from Beauty

A friend once told me that the years in our fifties are the best time of life because you have enough body left and enough wisdom developed to do what’s important to you.  It also seems like it’s when we … Continue reading

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Pony Moments July 2015

Here in the mountains of Colorado, during our crazy-short busy summer season, I’ve learned to treasure brief moments with my ponies because longer periods are few and far between.  July especially seems to be the month when pony moments are … Continue reading

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Using Alliances

I needed to move three ponies to the horse trailer.  I haltered all three and chose one to just throw the lead rope over her back.  I led the other two.  The third stayed with us, between the two other … Continue reading

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Thank You, Lola

The most pleasurable public event I’ve ever done with a Fell Pony was in February 2010.  I accepted an invitation from Lola Quinlan to attend a book signing at Jax Farm and Ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It was the … Continue reading

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