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Footing Sense 5

Footing sense is a characteristic of Fell Ponies that I learned about from a long time Fell Pony breeder.  It came up when we were discussing how important fell-bred ponies are to the preservation of the breed. Footing sense is … Continue reading

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She Still Amazes Me

I had the most amazing experience with Mya the Wonder Pony on a manure moving job.  We’ve been working together for nearly seventeen years and moving manure together for over fifteen years, so perhaps that explains what happened.  All I … Continue reading

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A Good Fit for Working Ponies

A recent hazard tree project completed by our company reminded me of the advantages of working ponies versus larger draft horses.  The project site was one where we have worked several times before.  Our job was to remove standing dead … Continue reading

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Wellbrow Stud Open Day 2015

I had the great good fortune to attend the Wellbrow Stud Open Day in Lancashire on August 30.  Nice weather, a good crowd, and a well-organized event by the Thorpe family made for an enjoyable outing.  And it wasn’t just … Continue reading

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Was It A Dream?

There is evidence that time has passed.  The aspens are yellow now, and I remember them being green.  The rosehips have turned red, and they were indistinguishable from the foliage, last I knew.  Sunrise is later, and sunset is earlier.  … Continue reading

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“Can He See?”

The phone rang and my mind was on business, so it took me a moment to respond to the greeting of a friend rather than a client.  Fellow horsewoman Peg Brocker of Brocker Quarter Horses began, “I have a 4-H … Continue reading

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