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R.I.P. Orton Hall Danny

The first Fell Pony stallion I ever met was Orton Hall Danny.  If I had known when I met him that I would someday need to keep not one but two Fell Pony stallions, I would probably have turned my … Continue reading

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Get More Grounded

When things get challenging at work, my tendency is to put in more hours.  That strategy worked okay when I had one job and paid time-off to do things for fun.  And it worked okay when I was younger and … Continue reading

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US Purebred Equine Trends

A very timely email crossed my desk as I was preparing to analyze the North American portion of the 2014 Fell Pony Society Stud Book.  Apparently I am not alone in enjoying looking at numbers and trends.  Debbie Fuentes, registrar … Continue reading

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A Working Pony Goal Accomplished

I was in the kitchen after breakfast when my husband entered the basement door and called up the stairs, “Your assistance is requested.”  Puzzled by the tone of his voice and the strange choice of words, I hurried downstairs.  There, … Continue reading

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The Herd Is All Home

It’s that time of year when the last of the ponies return from summer pasture, and the herd is all home.  When we hitched the horse trailer, all the ponies already here got excited, thinking that perhaps they were going … Continue reading

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