The Herd Is All Home

Willowtrail Farm Fell Pony maresIt’s that time of year when the last of the ponies return from summer pasture, and the herd is all home.  When we hitched the horse trailer, all the ponies already here got excited, thinking that perhaps they were going to get to go to pasture.  And then when we returned, the ponies here called out, and the ponies on-board answered.  For the next half hour, lots of vocalizations and running about characterized our usually calm and quiet atmosphere.

The last weekend before the last ponies came home, I stopped at the mailbox, and the mail carrier was there.  “I saw you stop at the pasture,” she said, “and all the ponies came running when they saw you.  That was so neat to see.”  It was good to be reminded how special that is; it’s easy to take for granted.

The mares that were the last to come home were ready.  They know they get more attention here than they do when they’re at pasture.  It was clear the last week or so when we visited that they wanted more of our time than we gave them.  At home they will be haltered daily, and they will learn new things, just because that’s the way things are here.  One of the ponies is relatively new to me, so she has the most to learn about what’s expected of her.  Even on the trip home she seemed to remember some of what’s already been shown is expected.  It was nice to see she had good recall.

We had a very full week where lots of people seemed to want and appreciate our company.  While that is nice, I have to admit that giving my ponies my company brings me greater pleasure.  While having the herd all home is more work, it also means more time with my best friends.  Life with ponies is indeed a blessing.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2015

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