Thankful for Ponies 2015

At Thanksgiving it feels important to pause,
Amidst the hurry of the day-to-day,
To appreciate the joy of living life
And to feel blessed, come what may.

For there is in the world, especially these days,
So much opportunity for anger and sorrow.
Yet also there are things that counterbalance all that,
And give hope through a chance at tomorrow.

Willowtrail Farm Fell PoniesA life with ponies is a special thing
That so few are lucky to share.
I am thankful to have had yet another year
With my collection of stallion, gelding and mare.

It has been a year of change here
In my cherished pony herd.
A favorite daughter returned to the farm
Making in the sister tally a third.

I am missing my old matriarch
Though her legacy is living on –
Through her daughter and another mare
That keep her leadership style going strong.

Another mare that I shared life with
For more than a handful of years
Went off to new adventures
Receiving from new owners welcome cheers.

I didn’t have any foals this year.
I definitely missed their youthful joy
And the opportunity to share with others
The choice of a Fell Pony girl or boy.

My two work ponies did a job this year
That they’d never done before.
And a Fell Pony began doing chores for me.
I look forward to working her more.

My herd is the smallest it’s been in years,
Though people remain amazed
When I say it still numbers nine ponies.
They don’t understand being pony-crazed!

The new head mare is offering things
With enthusiasm she’s never shown before.
At the moment I’m having great good fun
And looking forward to what more’s in store.

Another is letting me, while mounted,
Open and shut gates when out on a ride.
Saving the dismount and mounting chore,
My appreciation is undenied.

My senior stallion is a joy to have around,
Being content with his role in life.
Of course he’s always looking for a chance
To greet a potential or current wife.

My young colt is like his brothers I’ve met,
Always eager and ready to please,
Amazing me with how quickly he learns
From new things that he sees.

A trip to the Fell Pony homeland
Was another blessing this pony year.
Cumbrian ponies, friends, and landscape
Never fail to give me cheer.

Willowtrail Farm Fell PoniesOn any day, I don’t have to look far,
Either in the world of ponies or elsewhere,
To see people who have it worse than I do,
Making any troubles I have easier to bear.

At this Thanksgiving holiday,
I am grateful for reflective time.
This life with ponies is unique and a blessing
That is a treasure worth every dime.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2015

About workponies

Breeder of Fell Ponies, teamster of work ponies, and author of Feather Notes, Fell Pony News, and A Humbling Experience: My First Few Years with Fell Ponies. Distributor of Dynamite Specialty Products for the health of our planet and the beings I share it with.
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