A Miracle Pony

Mya the Wonder Pony is featured in my latest book The Partnered Pony.  Her ‘surname’ derives not because she is a registered purebred.  She isn’t.  I have no idea where she was born or who her parents were.  She got her surname because she earned it.  I just kept asking her to do things, and she did them so well that I just kept asking for more.

Mya the Wonder PonyIn the book there are stories about moving water and firewood and manure and about skidding fence poles while ridden and about moving brush on logging jobs and about herding cattle.  She’s packed holiday greens and chainsaws and fence posts.  She once placed third in a driving obstacle course competition.  One story in the book describes how on one particular job for our company, she was ridden, she skid fence poles, and she packed buck legs, illustrating just what ponies are good for:  lots of different things!

I received an email from a reader who was astonished that Mya once helped me move a rattlesnake.  The reader felt Mya’s surname wasn’t nearly complimentary enough and that instead she was a miracle pony.

After I received the email I happened on a quote from the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh:  “The real miracle is not to walk on water or in thin air but to walk on Earth.”  Thought of in this way, Mya is definitely a miracle pony.  She walks on earth with a calm confidence that makes me envious.  She is so quietly honest and grounded that she has remained my favorite pony despite being my first and having nearly two dozen others come through my life since I bought her.  We’ve been together too long for me to change her name now, but she has certainly earned the moniker Miracle Pony.  I hope we have many more years together in which I can continue to watch her walk on Earth.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2016

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