Thankful for Ponies 2016

Restar Mountain Shelley III and Willowtrail JosiePart I
This November I am thankful
Once again for my pony herd.
It’s amazing the wisdom they have to share
Without ever uttering a word.

Sometimes things get tumultuous here
From weather or work or whatever.
And while the ponies may get high for a bit,
They don’t let it go on forever.

They live outside like I don’t.
They adapt to sun and snow.
They recognize that things fluctuate
And are able to go with the flow.

They let me know when things aren’t right,
Often offering their own solutions.
While our approaches may be different,
I usually appreciate their contributions.

They don’t kick or buck or snort or neigh
Without having some very good reason.
They only use these extreme expressions
For a communication they need to season.

They’re willing to undertake conversation,
As long as it’s respectful and two-way.
Rarely do they ever interact with me
Where I don’t also have some say.

The answers they give are honest.
Their agenda is usually fair.
Their way encourages collaboration,
An approach I willingly share.

What superficially might seem to separate us –
Such as hooves and mane and tail –
Can blend with me into something marvelous,
Like when we’re together out on the trail.

Our partnership depends on solutions
That all of us ultimately find fair.
How we get to those solutions
In turn shows how much we care.

I ask a lot of my ponies,
And they ask a lot of me.
If there is a more perfect union,
I don’t know what it would be.

Part II
Willowtrail Fell Pony MaresThis year I’m especially thankful
For the younger Fell Pony girls in my herd.
Two newborns have given me daily joy,
As have older sisters first, second and third.

The young girls are headed to new owners
That have both been a pleasure to meet.
While those girls are still here, though,
I’m enjoyed leading and handling feet.

The older girls have had new experiences
With breeding and other health care
That has required extensive travel
Usually undertaken as a pair.

They have taken these new experiences
Much better than I ever hoped.
With concrete and barns and stalls and probes,
They have curiously and calmly coped.

In addition to my appreciation
For my girls’ resilience in the face of new,
I also have anticipation
For their offspring that are due.

I am thankful for my ponies
And all the richness that they bring.
One lifetime certainly won’t be enough
To experience everything.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2016

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Breeder of Fell Ponies, teamster of work ponies, and author of Feather Notes, Fell Pony News, and A Humbling Experience: My First Few Years with Fell Ponies. Distributor of Dynamite Specialty Products for the health of our planet and the beings I share it with.
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