Wassailing the Ponies 2016

My husband asked Christmas morning if we had apples for the ponies.  A bout of flu meant the shopping list lacked this item, but we fortunately had enough on hand to share with our friends and thank them for being part of our lives.

Wassailing basket from Willowtrail Mountain Ranger's owner

This year we used a basket that was a gift from Willowtrail Mountain Ranger’s owner. When it came to us, it was full of apples from the valley where Ranger now lives. One pony doesn’t like apples, so they get carrots instead.

Wassailing Honey

Wassailing Willowtrail Mountain Honey

Wassailing Lucky Joe

Wassailing Restar Lucky Joe

Wassailing Madie

Wassailing Willowtrail Spring Maiden

Wassailing Matty

Wassailing Bowthorne Matty

Wassailing Mya

Wassailing Mya the Wonder Pony. She prefers carrots.

Wassailing Rose

Wassailing Willowtrail Wild Rose

Wassailing Shelley

Wassailing Restar Mountain Shelley III

Wassailing Torrin

Wassailing OH Torrin

Wassailing Guards Apollo

Wassailing Guards Apollo


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