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Not Bored Yet!

A comment from a caller brought a smile to my face. We had been talking about Fell Ponies of course and in particular about the bloodlines of one they were considering purchasing.  They had previously owned traditional Morgan Horses.  I … Continue reading

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Ponies, Promenades and Parades

I’m working on a chapter for a book I’m writing; the chapter is on Portland, Oregon’s bygone White House Road.  The chapter has required extensive research about the Riverside Driving Association which for many years advocated for and maintained the … Continue reading

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Honey’s Strange Symptoms

Because it happens so rarely, when one of my ponies isn’t well, it’s reason for distress on my part.  One day I noticed Honey, my three year old Fell Pony filly, wasn’t cleaning up her hay.  She eagerly took treats … Continue reading

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