Celebrating a Training Success

Many years ago, one of my first natural horsemanship instructors told me that while, yes, when we train our own ponies, we are responsible for their shortcomings, but on the other hand we can also take credit for their successes.  At the moment I’m celebrating a success.

I’ve been told that some farriers consider it difficult to trim the hooves of Fell Ponies because they aren’t cooperative.  I am not a very big person and not terribly strong, so when it comes to trimming hooves, I need all the cooperation I can get from the pony that I’m working on.  That’s why I’m celebrating a success.

I’ve just come in from trimming Willowtrail Mountain Honey’s hooves.  She is rising four years old and has never had anyone trim her hooves but me.  She’s also not received any training from anyone but me.  And she was fabulous for her hoof trimming.  Happy owner, happy breeder, happy me!

I am inclined to be critical of what I do with my ponies, but at the moment, I’ll do as my natural horsemanship instructor suggested and take some credit.  It is possible for a Fell Pony to be good while having her feet trimmed!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2017

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