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Fell Pony Blog Is Moving!

If you’re interested in Fell Ponies and follow this blog, I want to let you know that changes are afoot.  I’m dividing this blog into two, one on Fell Ponies and the other on Partnered Ponies. The Fell Pony blog … Continue reading

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April Thirty and Zero Degrees

The house popped loudly at 4am and woke me up.  The house only makes that noise when it’s extremely cold.  While it’s common to hear the sound in January, I’m not used to hearing it in April.  Sure enough, when … Continue reading

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Elimination Habits

I love getting questions from people about Fell Ponies because in answering them I inevitably learn something new.  So I was thrilled to find a question in my inbox.  And I must admit it was a different sort of question … Continue reading

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Celebrating a Training Success

Many years ago, one of my first natural horsemanship instructors told me that while, yes, when we train our own ponies, we are responsible for their shortcomings, but on the other hand we can also take credit for their successes.  … Continue reading

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Hope for Lowercase Fell Ponies

It is commonly thought in the Fell Pony world that once Fell Ponies leave the fells, they can never return.  Often they grow too large, and they don’t have the wisdom or the hardiness to survive on the rough open … Continue reading

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Single Issue Voter

I have watched a Fell Pony extract itself from of a Cumbrian bog, comfortably sat a traditional trot bareback, benefited from a speedy walk, and put hock and knee action to use in rough terrain. Fell Pony traditional movement is for … Continue reading

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Not Bored Yet!

A comment from a caller brought a smile to my face. We had been talking about Fell Ponies of course and in particular about the bloodlines of one they were considering purchasing.  They had previously owned traditional Morgan Horses.  I … Continue reading

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