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Research on Welfare of Working Equines

A client has accepted our bid for a project that includes some work for the ponies.  I am of course thrilled because I always love taking the ponies to work with me off the farm.  I also smile with some … Continue reading

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April Thirty and Zero Degrees

The house popped loudly at 4am and woke me up.  The house only makes that noise when it’s extremely cold.  While it’s common to hear the sound in January, I’m not used to hearing it in April.  Sure enough, when … Continue reading

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Elimination Habits

I love getting questions from people about Fell Ponies because in answering them I inevitably learn something new.  So I was thrilled to find a question in my inbox.  And I must admit it was a different sort of question … Continue reading

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Celebrating a Training Success

Many years ago, one of my first natural horsemanship instructors told me that while, yes, when we train our own ponies, we are responsible for their shortcomings, but on the other hand we can also take credit for their successes.  … Continue reading

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Ponies, Promenades and Parades

I’m working on a chapter for a book I’m writing; the chapter is on Portland, Oregon’s bygone White House Road.  The chapter has required extensive research about the Riverside Driving Association which for many years advocated for and maintained the … Continue reading

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Honey’s Strange Symptoms

Because it happens so rarely, when one of my ponies isn’t well, it’s reason for distress on my part.  One day I noticed Honey, my three year old Fell Pony filly, wasn’t cleaning up her hay.  She eagerly took treats … Continue reading

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The Fences Were Feeling Short

My sister asked, during our recent heavy snow period, what happens if the snow covers the fences of the ponies’ paddocks.  The first answer is:  I don’t know because it’s never happened before.  The second answer, which I bored her … Continue reading

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