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Our Equines After We’re Gone

I heard on the radio that 40% of Americans don’t have a will or other end-of-life legal instrument.  As the reporter mentioned, it’s hardly surprising since it’s not easy to think about the end of our life.  Yet when we … Continue reading

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US Purebred Equine Trends

A very timely email crossed my desk as I was preparing to analyze the North American portion of the 2014 Fell Pony Society Stud Book.  Apparently I am not alone in enjoying looking at numbers and trends.  Debbie Fuentes, registrar … Continue reading

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A Haltering Favor

The thank-yous seemed out of proportion for an act I perform several times a day.  Yet as the conversation went on, it became clear why they were being so heartily expressed.  We had stopped at our favorite feed mill to … Continue reading

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Perspicacious is One Approach

It’s not very often, in the publications that I read, that I stumble when I read a word.  But I admit that I stumbled when I came upon ‘perspicacious.’  It was in a sentence about the history of the Thoroughbred.  … Continue reading

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Then and Now

In 1902, my great great grandparents took a horse-drawn journey from Ashland, Oregon to Long Beach California.  The trip was over 700 miles and took nearly five weeks.  Along the way, Dan and Kate Glenn easily found hay, feed, water, … Continue reading

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Pony Sense for Business

Did you create a New Year’s Resolution regarding your equine-related business?  It occurs to me that our pony friends have some relevant advice: Be multi-talented. Many of our pony breeds have been developed to be versatile.  In some cases, for … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Ties That Bind

I’ve just celebrated my 16 year anniversary with ponies.  It’s clear to the casual observer that they’re here to stay.  I had no idea, of course, what I was getting myself into when my first pony came into my life.  … Continue reading

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