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A Pony-Filled Day

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day.  When it became clear that rest wasn’t going to happen, though, I filled the day with ponies instead.  I’m always surprised how much my day improves when I get to spend a … Continue reading

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An Unlikely Meeting Place

My mentor took me to see the stallion in this photograph in this field in Cumbria in 2005.  Apparently Joe Langcake had a quite different experience in that same field a few years before.  He and his wife June had … Continue reading

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The Vexing Problem of Parasite Control

It seems like every week a new piece of information crosses my desk that makes the topic of parasite control in equines more vexing.  The top of the list of frustrating facts is of course resistance.  Most of the common … Continue reading

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A Miniature Clydesdale?

I have heard Fell Ponies called miniatures of many things, but I admit that when I heard the other day that they are miniature Clydesdales, it was a first.  The Fell Pony Society, of course, is correct in adamantly asserting … Continue reading

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The Royal Mail’s Working Horses Stamps

I’ve just received as a gift the Royal Mail’s Working Horses Commemorative Stamp Set.  That Fell Ponies are mentioned is of course a bonus! There are six stamps in the set, one each representing The King’s Troup Ceremonial Horses, Royal … Continue reading

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“Slow Down Your Molecules”

I pushed all morning to get the last of the holiday gifts ready for shipping then rushed to the mailbox just before the carrier was due to arrive and deposited them so they could begin their journey.  My adrenaline was … Continue reading

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Keeping Stallions Together

I was talking to a visiting contractor about the Pony Shuffle the other day, and we got talking about managing my senior stallion in the shuffle. Apollo reliably trailers with mares, even mares in heat if I manage things right, … Continue reading

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