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The Belle Mare by Robert Tebay

“The Belle Mare” is a painting at the Kendal Museum.  It depicts a pack pony fully loaded, likely with wool.  Dated from 1757 by the artist Robert Tebay, it’s a perfect illustration for the following passage from Clive Richardson’s book … Continue reading

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Snubbed and Chosen

All I wanted was a short trail ride on my favorite pony as a reward for a hard day.  I had just finished trimming another pony’s hooves, the sun was going down, and I wanted to ride down the driveway … Continue reading

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Three Good Laughs

I had three good laughs courtesy of the ponies yesterday.  The first was shortly after I got up when I went out to give mama Restar Mountain Shelley III some hay.  Usually Willowtrail Spring Maiden greets me at the fence just … Continue reading

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Never Summer

Our grass is coming in slowly and late this year.  I haven’t been able to take my Fell mare Restar Mountain Shelley III and her daughter Willowtrail Spring Maiden to pasture yet.  Instead I’m walking them twice a day for … Continue reading

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Re-electrifying Lily’s Fence

Last night after dark when I was feeding my Fell Pony Lily and her friends, I noticed that their electric fence was lying on the ground. Lily is my fence monitor, and she’s been telling me that it has not … Continue reading

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Stocking Cap Games

On this very snowy afternoon, the only outdoor activity involving ponies that I could get half-way excited about was trimming hooves. I could do this under cover without snow sliding down my neck, and it needed to be done anyway. … Continue reading

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The only way I can describe the behavior I’ve observed in my Fell Pony Lily recently is ‘sharing.’  Lily is in a paddock with my two easiest-keeping ponies.  She’s at the bottom of the pecking order, so if I am … Continue reading

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