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Pack Pony Poetry

One historic use of the Fell Pony was for packing.  Clive Richardson wrote in his most recent book on Fell ponies, “At one time over 300 Fell ponies left Kendal every working day for destinations all over the country carrying … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Tension

Since the beginning of this year, five different Fell Pony owners have asked me to take their mares into my herd, either on a temporary or permanent basis.  I have appreciated the endorsement of my stewardship of the breed that … Continue reading

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Waiting for Answers

I am told quite often that I ask good questions.  In fact my Fell Pony mentor in Cumbria has, after taking phone calls from me for seven years now, developed the habit of starting our conversations with, “And what questions … Continue reading

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Jethro Tull’s Heavy Horses

I’ve been on the road several days the past week.  Since being behind the wheel isn’t one of my favorite things to do, I took along a compact disc that recently arrived in the mail to make driving more interesting.  … Continue reading

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Contextual Dominance

I’m always fascinated watching how my ponies interact with each other.  Recently, the interactions between two in particular have changed.  Around the same time, my attention was drawn to the chapter in Desmond Morris’s Horsewatching on “How is Horse Society … Continue reading

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Hoof Distortions Clinic

On Friday I attended a clinic on hoof distortions put on by the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO).  ELPO is a non-profit whose mission is “to provide hoof care and equine care guidelines that are based upon research and the … Continue reading

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Hormones and Green Grass

Fence repair has been at the top of my to-do list the last few days.  During the fall and winter, the ponies don’t put much pressure on the fences.  In the fall there’s nothing interesting to eat out there, and … Continue reading

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A Friendly Alternative to the Conventional Curry Comb

I am reading a brand new book on natural horsemanship.  After enjoying the first few chapters, I got pretty bogged down in the one on grooming.  The initial paragraphs bothered me, but then I got to the section on necessary … Continue reading

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