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Fell Pony Genetic Diversity 2

Since reading Mared Hopkins’ poster on Fell Pony Genetic Diversity last month, I’ve been studying population genetics in an effort to better understand some of the finer points.  I’m afraid I’ve only been marginally successful.  My cousin, who has an … Continue reading

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Mya’s Antics

Mya made me laugh today, which is a vast improvement over the past two weeks.  My beloved twenty-year-old pony relapsed again two weeks ago and then again a week ago, showing some signs of colic but other signs that are … Continue reading

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I’ve Missed the Moon

This time of year, with short days and long nights, I often find myself feeding the ponies twice after dark.  The first is before dinner, where I start chores before dark but finish them after.  And the second is right … Continue reading

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Bridle Paths by A.F. Tschiffely

I’ve just finished reading Bridle Paths by A.F. Tschiffely.  Tschiffely is best known for his horseback ride from Buenos Aires to Washington, D.C. beginning in 1925.  After writing a book about that journey, Tschiffely rewarded himself with a ride through … Continue reading

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Epona’s Day

I learned that today is Epona’s Day, Epona being the Celtic horse goddess.  My first exposure to Epona was reading A History of British Native Ponies last winter, where a chapter is named for her.  I was asked what I … Continue reading

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Lily’s Tough Choice

This morning it was just three below.  Last week we had even colder weather.  Nonetheless, my Fell Pony mare Lily and I managed short sessions in the round pen every day.  I was the culprit for keeping them short; I … Continue reading

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Got Character?

The other day I watched two videos of exquisite harmony between horse and handler.  The human seemed to guide their equine partner through maneuvers with ease, with their equine partner being totally tuned in and engaged with what was going … Continue reading

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