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The Crazy Things This Life Requires

There are lots of things that seem crazy about life.  Have you ever ordered something with a credit card over the phone?  The number of numbers that must be recited, many of which I have memorized, make me laugh:  card … Continue reading

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Five Conversations

It was my seven month old Willowtrail Storm Princess that pointed out that I have something new on my hands.  She started appearing at the fence in a way that seemed odd.  I then realized it was her smaller size … Continue reading

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Therapy for Ordinary Folks

It had been a challenging day, and I almost decided not to go for a ride.  I wasn’t in the best mood, and the sun had already dropped behind Owl Mountain for the day.  My mare Shelley needed exercise, though, … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Ties That Bind

I’ve just celebrated my 16 year anniversary with ponies.  It’s clear to the casual observer that they’re here to stay.  I had no idea, of course, what I was getting myself into when my first pony came into my life.  … Continue reading

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Riding Before Breakfast

While I’m sure I’ve taken at least one ride before my own breakfast in my life, this is about taking a ride before my mount’s breakfast. Recently it’s been my mare Restar Mountain Shelley III who’s been going on outings … Continue reading

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The Pineapple Express Returns

February 2014 was my first experience with the weather pattern called the Pineapple Express.  So when the recent heavy precipitation in California was attributed to the Pineapple Express, I began to pay attention.  I knew from that previous experience that … Continue reading

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Pleasant Ponying Memories

I’m having a very pleasant feeling of déjà-vu right now. I’m riding my Norwegian Fjord gelding OH Torrin and ponying my stud colt Restar Lucky Joe. I’ve done a lot of ponying over the years: mares with castrated sons, stallions … Continue reading

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An Unlikely Meeting Place

My mentor took me to see the stallion in this photograph in this field in Cumbria in 2005.  Apparently Joe Langcake had a quite different experience in that same field a few years before.  He and his wife June had … Continue reading

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Pony Foals and Senior Feed

Equine senior feed is highly palatable.  That characteristic can make it attractive when there is a non-senior equine in need of dietary supplementation.  Some even consider it when there is a foal that needs supplementing.  I inadvertently conducted an experiment … Continue reading

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