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“Living with Moose” in Rural Heritage

Rural Heritage magazine has just published my article “Living with Moose.”  I wrote the article back in the fall of 2011 after I’d taken a pretty decent picture of a bull moose bedded down near one of my pony paddocks.  … Continue reading

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Sustainable Equestrianism

An invitation to join a new group on the social network LinkedIn last week immediately stimulated my mind.  While sustainability is something that I studied in graduate school and is something that I practice on my farm and that is now … Continue reading

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Spoiled Pony

My husband has recently given the name ‘Spoiled Pony’ to my Fell Pony mare Restar Mountain Shelley III.  It isn’t entirely undeserved, if spoiling a pony involves letting them wander freely and have free access to a big hay bale.  … Continue reading

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The Worst Kind of Easy Keeper

One of the things that attracted me to Fell Ponies is their thriftiness.  The flip side is that weight management of these easy-keepers can be pretty challenging.  I don’t worry too much about it in the summer, as weight gain … Continue reading

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Responding to a Thought

I find myself in a particularly rich spot at the moment with regard to Fell Ponies.  For many years, because of the way I got started with the breed, I had more immature and unrideable ponies than I did mature … Continue reading

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Old Hands

It’s such a pleasure to trim Sleddale Rose Beauty’s hooves.  After twenty-five years of life, this Fell Pony mare is an old hand at the chore, which makes my life as the trimmer so much easier. Of course, I haven’t … Continue reading

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