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If He Bites, Say Thank You

I heard a story about a woman whose abdomen was covered with deep blue bruises.  The welts had been caused by her stallion when she was handling him; he would reach around and bite her stomach.  While I am fortunate … Continue reading

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Pondering Confidence 2

I’ve been a bit bemused with myself recently at where I’m finding confidence in the training department.  While I often have found that a short ride on my best equine friend will get me motivated to handle other ponies, instead … Continue reading

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Prince and His Halter

As a breeder, I think it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity foals give us in their early lives to prepare them for a productive place in the human world.  For me that involves four sets of lessons in … Continue reading

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A Definition of Complementary Medicine

Last night we attended a talk by Dr. Tim Holt of Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  The talk was put on by the Northern Colorado Draft Horse Association and was billed as a discussion of equine chiropractic and acupuncture.  … Continue reading

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A Litmus Test for Riding

“I would never ride a horse that wouldn’t let me swing a rope around its hind legs, under its chin, and around its neck.”  So said a nationally known natural horsemanship clinician recently.  A client who bought one of my … Continue reading

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My Next Commute Pony

Today I needed to take some pictures of a project we’ve just finished for a client.  It was close enough that I could commute by pony, so I jumped on Mya the Wonder Pony and off we went.  We traveled … Continue reading

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Pondering Confidence

I’ve been pondering confidence recently, including how important it is, how easily it is lost, and how difficult it can be to regain.  One of the things that prompted my ponderings about confidence was an article by Linda Parelli called … Continue reading

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