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Thankful 2013

Part 1:  Thankful for My Old Best Friend This year I’m especially thankful For one particular pony in my yard. There are so many things over the years In which she’s single-handedly starred. For instance, she’s the one responsible For … Continue reading

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Seven Fell Pony Colors?

The Fell Pony breed description defines four allowed colors:  black, brown, bay, and gray.  My first two Fell Ponies didn’t refute the number, nor did their first foal.  It was only when my fourth Fell Pony arrived that the four … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers

When stewarding a British native pony breed in America, especially a relatively rare one, questions inevitably arise (or at least they should!).  And when you’re like me and have never had a British native before, the questions are numerous.  Fortunately, … Continue reading

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“Glamorous? No, Better Than That!”

At Local Author Day on Saturday, I was constantly picking things off the tablecloth in front of me, thinking it was hay that I had introduced into an otherwise clean environment.  I was in town clothes and freshly showered, so … Continue reading

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